Millimetri on pitkä aika

Millimeter is a long time

A story about an ordinary young woman's ordinary Wednesday when she crossed the burnout border.

Radio play. 2 min 41 s. 2017
Language: Finnish.
Text: Emma Kontiokorpi.
Finalist at the YLE Finland Shortdox 2017 competition.
Broadcast at YLE Äänitarinat (Audio Stories) 20.5.2017.

A turn

A Turn (Käännähys)

I stood at many stations behind many words, told no one where I came from.

Poetry video. 2 min 15 s. 2016.
Subtitles: English.
Poem: Emma Kontiokorpi.
Finalist at Lahti Poetry Marathon's poetry video contest ”Close and Far” 2016.

Burning Voices

Burning Voices

What is it like to be both visible and invisible at the same time?
Through dance, Burning Voices reflects the experiences of three acid burn victims from different parts of the world in their search for new identity.

Documentary. 60 min. In production.
Teasers' length 8 min 26 s. The teasers introduce one of the three protagonists, the Ugandan Deus Twesigye.
Subtitles: English, Finnish.

Body of Stories

Body of Stories (Kehotarinoita)

From moments of joy and deep shadows of sorrow, our life stories are drawn into our bodies.

Dance. 3 min 37 s. 2013.
Subtitles: English.
Introducing Anna Venäläinen, the choreographer of the documentary Burning Voices.


Obstacle (Este)

Distance is not an obstacle, it’s just a speed bump.
Jenni, who’s visually impaired, and Tuukka, who’s in wheelchair, have met on the web and decide to meet each other live in the city of Turku.

Comedy. 20 min. 2011.
Subtitles: English, Finnish, Swedish.
Baltic Herring short film competition, 2nd prize, category for professionals, Blue Sea Film Festival, Rauma 2011.
The film was part of Kynnys ry’s Turku European Capital of Culture 2011 The Bridgebuilders program.



Obstacles need to be overcome at some point.
A dance movie about obstacles, exploring them and overcoming them.

Dance. 9 min. 2009.
Choreography: Leena Koskinen.
Dancers: Taika-tanssi (Kynnys ry).
Music: Markku Kaikkonen and Marko Koivu in collaboration with Lyhty ry’s music workshop and Special Music Centre Resonaari.
First prize at KynnysKINO film festival, short film competition 2009.

Three words about love

Three words about love
(Kolme sanaa rakkaudesta)

Is it possible to forgive everything without losing your soul?
Marika slides between different options in an abusive relationship.

Not suitable for children. Drama (b&w). 21 min. 2007.
Subtitles: English.
Director and editor’s diploma work for Turku University of Applied Sciences Arts Academy.
The movie is shown at seminars and training events of Victim Support Finland and their partner organizations.

The Night of the Lizard

The Night of the Lizard
(Liskon Yö)

Sometimes the feedback comes from an unexpected source.

Not suitable for children. Horror. 3 min. 2006.
First prize at IIK! Horror Film Festival, Ii, Finland 2006.

Välistä vuoteen alla

Välistä vuoteen alla
(Sometimes under the bed)

Have you ever tried scratching your nose through the back of your neck?

Rautakanki - Välistä vuoteen alla.
Music video, animation. 2 min 30 s. 2002.